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2018 BMW i8S Hybrid – Specs, MPG and Release Date

BMW seems to be very dedicated to improving their Plug-In Hybrids as the German automakers have been reported to carry out rigorous tests of a prototype of new-gen i8S Hybrid. The upcoming 2018 BMW i8S Hybrid is reported to sport essential mods in suspension and the overall drivetrain.

2018 BMW i8S Hybrid - front sport

2018 BMW i8S HybridNew-gen Styling

BMW i8S Hybrid completely breaks free of the so-called standard styling and wears a one-of-a-kind body profile. As the new-gen i8S Hybrid is set to improve on air drag coefficient, it is supposed to wear a smoother bodywork for enhancing on aerodynamics.

Just like the existing model, blue-hue accents will be cardinal style factor in BMW i8S Hybrid 2018. The grille will incorporate chrome emblems and headlights will retain the raked approach. A vented panel will replace the rear windshield which will mark the biggest exterior change.

The interior cabin will remain more or less the same. As before, the dashboard will wear a curved-out approach. The center console will join with the armrests to divide the cockpit and passenger tier.

2018 BMW i8S Hybrid - side

Exterior Architecture

The LifeDrive architecture contributes a significant percent of this vehicle’s performance. This progressive chassis has a 2-part structure and integrates CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) for catering a dynamic stability and extreme lightness. This time, the chassis will be revised to put out a near-perfect 50-50 weight distribution.

Powertrain Specs

The hybrid powertrain of 2018 BMW i8S Hybrid will consist of a 1.5L 3 cylinder engine mated to its electric motor. This hybrid setup will be such that the electric motor will power the front axles and engine will power the rear.

Experts have stated that this engine will be tweaked to produce outputs of more than 386 HP and 428 lb-ft torque. The revved up engine outputs will cater improvements in fuel economy and the official EPA figures will stay around 77 mpg on a combined scale.

Along with this improved output figures, the Li-Ion battery pack could see improvements as well; all but to cater an electric drive range of more than 15 miles. Similarly, the 0 to 60 mph run could improve in less than 4 seconds. The hybrid powertrain is also expected to deliver an all-electric drive range of up to 334 miles.

2018 BMW i8S Hybrid - rear sport

Driving Modes

BMW i8S Hybrid 2018 is reported to offer 4 different driving modes for putting out versatility in driving enjoyment. The COMFORT mode will be targeted to create a perfect balance between sportiness and fuel economy. SPORT mode will rev up the electric motor for delivering an extra boost to the engine. ECO PRO will create a mix-and-match between hybrid and all-electric drive. eDrive mode will completely disengage the gasoline engine for a full-electric drive.

Price, Competitors and Release Date

2018 BMW i8S Hybrid will come in 2 different trims and pricing will vary accordingly. Revised pricing should stay somewhere around $143,000. Competitors will include Tesla Model X and Tesla Model S. Dealerships are supposed to get this model by the end of 2017.

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