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2018 Honda FCEV – Clarity, Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Release Date

Honda is always one step ahead when it comes to presenting innovative technologies in its vehicles. 2018 Honda FCEV is a quintessence of the company’s vision to build a greener future. Yes, the upcoming FCEV uses fuel cell technology to generate power and increase its driving efficiency.

Along with this, 2018 FCEV is also bringing along a unique design that might open the floodgates to the styling of next generation all-electric and hybrid vehicles. This model is also bringing a stunning range of technological assistance along with the automaker’s signature inclusions.

2018 Honda FCEV - Clarity front

2018 Honda FCEV  Exterior Look

The exterior design and styling of 2018 Honda FCEV are unlike any other. This is because the overall profile of this model drifts towards a next generation styling. To point out a few, the front fascia looks futuristic with a single slab of grille perfectly flanked by its headlights.

A stylistic cut emerges from the front fender and ends in the section which houses fog lights. Up top, the hood is dynamic and features subtle crease which creates a streamlined flow to the windshield. This vehicle’s side body sports two deep arches which add that bit of class.

Expect a modified rear as well. Honda may go for a new set of taillights with enlarged bumpers and chrome exhausts. A few extra LEDs here and there won’t come as a surprise as well.

2018 Honda FCEV - Clarity interior

Interior Design

Things are unique in the interior cabin as well. Quite nothing like in most Honda models, the center console is oblong which stretches to reach the 2nd-row seats and houses a multi-touch display. The infotainment comes with an array of controls for both vehicle information and sensor feedback.

According to few renders, the driver’s gauge cluster received few modifications with the addition of LED lighting and a secondary display. The seats are plush and look comfortable. The driver’s seat integrates heating and power reclining, while ventilation may come as an option.

2018 Honda FCEV - Clarity rear


As 2018 Honda FCEV is representing a cross breed genre of vehicles, its powertrain consists of two primary drive sources – a hydrogen fuel cell and a battery unit. The hydrogen fuel cell is reported to deliver 3kW (4 HP) per liter and will be combined with the battery for further power delivery. In total, final output figures of the powertrain could go as 135 HP and 147 lb-ft.

Estimated fuel economy measure at 45 mpg city, 42 mpg highway and 41 mpg combined. Several reports also confirm that this integration of hydrogen fuel cell technology will substantially reduce CO2 emissions. Experts also predict that CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) will come standard.

Price and Release Date

Nothing official has been sourced out regarding price, but the chances are that it might cost around $44,600 or more. This 2018 Honda FCEV is expected to hit the markets by the end of 2017 or during the 1st half of 2018. When it does, hybrids from Mazda and Toyota may provide stiff competition to its sales.

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