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2018 BMW i3 – S version, Battery Range and Price

This car will hit the roads by 2018 as industry experts say. And the only reason this 2018 BMW i3 is creating hype is because it’s from the Bavarians. Otherwise, this compact electric vehicle did not make the impact on the market which everyone thought it would. There are quite a few changes which are expected in this upcoming 2018 BMW i3. But these are the biggest talking points on this model. Read on.

2018 BMW i3 - front

2018 BMW i3 Exterior look

The overall look will remain largely unaltered and this is a fact. But there will be changes to the headlights. A bit larger and sleeker ones would do the front fascia of this car some good. Accentuating this change will be a less out-of-shape front bumper with smarter edges. This car is not supposed to look all sleek and fine-tuned, but it does look a bit too different.

Increased Single Charge Range

BMW has steadily increased the range of this model over 1st gen and the current 2nd generation. What started with a 22kWh pack and a meager 81 miles range is now a 33kWh pack with a tested 114 miles range. So, a generation upgrade led to a 30% increase in range for the model.

This upcoming 2018 BMW i3, however, is rumored to have a 50% boost in range. This would put a maximum single-charge journey at 300 km (186 miles) approximately. This might just prove to be BMWs’ long-awaited success story with this model given that its US sales deteriorated by 30% last year.

2018 BMW i3 - INTERIOR

“S Version” Performance 

Expect these Bavarian manufacturers to come with a sportier version of a production model with range-topping performance specs every time all-time. Although the sportier trim will not get the signature ‘M’ badge on, this upcoming S version is expected to do a 0 to 60 mph sprint (0 to 100 km/h) within 7.3 seconds. That’s shaving 2 seconds off the regular production i3 – 2 whole seconds.

There are no official specs whatsoever as to how they’re going to get it done. Obviously, the 2018 BMW i3 S will come with an updated electric motor to generate more HP. Speaking of HP, current generation models have somewhere around 168 HP. Expectations are that this S version will go over the 200 HP barrier.

2018 BMW i3 - rear

Interior Modifications and Price

There will be some other than the current generation trims and interior spec variants. This upcoming 2018 BMW i3 needs to make sure that it keeps to its price-tag which will stay above $42,400 for base trims for sure.

What the Bavarians need to do is give the buyers something that the Chevrolet Bolt EV cannot give other than a whopping 200 miles plus range and a lower price-tag. Buyers will have to wait for buy a 2018 BMW i3 but stay tuned for more info on it which is sure to follow soon.

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